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2021Rockwell-Schichthaftungstest - der maschinelle Blick
Gäbler, Jan; Bethke, Reinhold; Hatic, Damjan; Rauhut, Markus; Weibel, Thomas; Cheng, Xiaoyin; Eder, Michael; Eder, Stephan; Bagcivan, Nazlim; Bastürk, Serhan
Journal Article
2021Simulation of Leather Visco-Elastic Behavior Based on Collagen Fiber-Bundle Properties and a Meso-Structure Network Model
Dietrich, S.; Lykhachova, O.; Cheng, X.; Godehardt, M.; Kronenberger, M.; Meyer, M.; Neusius, D.; Orlik, J.; Schladitz, K.; Schulz, H.; Steiner, K.; Voigt, D.
Journal Article
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2021Use of machine learning for automatic Rockwell adhesion test classification based on descriptive and quantitative features
Hatic, Damjan; Cheng, Xiaoyin; Stephani, Thomas; Rauhut, Markus; Gäbler, Jan; Bethke, Reinhold; King, Hunter; Hagen, Hans
Journal Article
2020Multiscale microsphere modelling of open-cell metal foams enriched by statistical analysis of geometric parameters
Bleistein, T.; Reis, M.; Cheng, X.; Redenbach, C.; Diebels, S.; Jung, A.
Journal Article
2019Detecting branching nodes of multiply connected 3D structures
Cheng, X.; Föhst, S.; Redenbach, C.; Schladitz, K.
Conference Paper
2019Online Detection of Ellipsoidal Bubbles by an Innovative Optical Approach
Lichti, M.; Cheng, X.; Stephani, H.; Bart, H.-J.
Journal Article
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