YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2019Interoperability strategies for GASPI and MPI in large-scale scientific applications
Simmendinger, C.; Iakymchuk, R.; Cebamanos, L.; Akhmetova, D.; Bartsch, V.; Rotaru, T.; Rahn, M.; Laure, E.; Markidis, S.
Journal Article
2018Interoperability of GASPI and MPI in large scale scientific applications
Akhmetova, D.; Cebamanos, L.; Iakymchuk, R.; Rotaru, T.; Rahn, M.; Markidis, S.; Laure, E.; Bartsch, V.; Simmendinger, C.
Conference Paper
2018Interoperability strategies for GASPI and MPI in large scale scientific applications
Simmendinger, Christian; Iakymchuk, Roman; Akhmetova, Dana; Cebamanos, Luis; Bartsch, Valeria; Rotaru, Tiberiu; Rahn, Mirko; Laure, Erwin; Markidis, Stefano
Journal Article
2018INTERTWinE, Programming Model INTERoperability ToWards Exascale
Aumage, Olivier; Bartsch, Valeria; Beckett, George; Bull, Mark
Journal Article
2017GASPI/GPI in-memory check pointing library
Bartsch, Valeria; Machado, Rui; Rahn, Mirko; Merten, Dirk; Pfreundt, Franz-Josef
Conference Paper
2017Paving the Way Towards a Highly Energy-Efficient and Highly Integrated Compute Node for the Exascale Revolution: The ExaNoDe Approach
Rigo, A.; Pinto, C.; Pouget, K.; Raho, D.; Dutoit, D.; Martinez, P.-Y.; Doran, C.; Benini, L.; Mavroidis, I.; Marazakis, M.; Bartsch, V.; Lonsdale, G.; Pop, A.; Goodacre, J.; Colliot, A.; Carpenter, P.; Radojković, P.; Pleiter, D.; Drouin, D.; Dinechin, B.D. de
Conference Paper
2016The EPiGRAM Project: Preparing parallel programming models for exascale
Markidis, Stefano; Peng, Ivy Bo; Larsson Träff, J.; Rougier, Antoine; Bartsch, V.; Machado, R.; Rahn, M.; Hart, A.; Holmes, D.; Bull, M.; Laure, Erwin
Conference Paper
2016Guide to porting MPI applications to GPI-2
Machado, Rui; Rotaru, Tiberiu; Rahn, Mirko; Bartsch, Valeria
full text
2015Evaluation of parallel communication models in Nekbone, a Nek5000 mini-application
Akhmetova, Dana; Peng, Ivy Bo; Markidis, Stefano; Laure, Erwin; Machado, Rui; Rahn, Mirko; Bartsch, Valeria; Gong, Jing; Ivanov, Ilya
Conference Paper
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