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Disassembly oriented assessment methodology to support design for recycling

: Seliger, G.; Kriwet, A.; Zussmann, E.

CIRP Annals. Manufacturing Technology (1994), S.9-14
ISSN: 0007-8506
Fraunhofer IPK ()
assessment; disassembly; environment

This paper describes an assessment methodology to support product design for "end-of-life" phase. It is based on the assessment of feasible options for disassembling a product and applying recycling processes to its components and subassemblies. The methodology balances the future effort to be invested in recycling processes with the future benefit regainable by reduction of dumping fees and sale of recovered materials, components and subassemblies. It identifies the optimal recycling strategy for a given product with respect to multiple economical and environmental objectives of the designer. The assessment aids the designer by allowing him to compare design alternatives and identify weak spots of the design. The methodology is illustrated by assessing alternative future scenarios for the recycling of a washing machine subassembly.