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Disassembly and Recycling: Engineering Challenge of the Future

: Schraft, R.D.

The S. Neuman Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology; Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa:
Recycling of Obsolete Electro-Mechanical Products as an Industrial Challenge
Haifa, Israel, 1995
Seminar "Recycling of Obsolete Electro-Mechanical Products as an Industrial Challenge" <1995, Haifa>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Abfallmanagement; Demontage; disassembly; Industrieroboter; Produktrecycling; recycling; recyclinggerechte Produktentwicklung; recyclinggerechte Produktgestaltung; Telefondemontage; Zukunftsaussicht

Utilizing the latest production technologies at the end of the product life-cycle for recycling, too, seems to be the best approach to cope with one of the major problems of modern societies: waste management. The most important step to minimize the future costs of product recycling is the development of efficient diasassembly and recycling systems together with a methodological approach to implement design for disassembly. Based upon the four-step DFD methodology presented current research at IPA deals with the development of a quantification method for disassembly efficiency and a computer aided design support system for disassebly. In addition, flexible disassembly cells based upon industrial robots have been installed at IPA and have proven a reliable and cost-effective means in the recycling of telephone sets. New tools for robotic disassembly are being developed in order to enable robots to disassemble a wide range of products: automobile parts, computers, television sets and oth er consumer goods.