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Direkte Oberflaechenbehandlung mit Barrierenentladung

Surface treatment using barrier discharge
: Neff, W.; Lebert, R.; Pochner, K.

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The invention relates to the treatment, in particular the cleaning, of surfaces, in particular film and metal surfaces. They are mostly indirectly covered by an oil film or greased after their production. Greases and oils, however, must be removed before further processing of the surfaces or films in order to permit a perfect coating or adhesion. This should take place quickly and with a low energy requirement and is achieved by the invention by the fact that a dielectrically inhibited discharge (12,2,3,13a) acts on the surface of the expemplary film strip (10). As a result of the action of high-energy charged particles and the impact of photons from the UV spectral range, the oil or grease film is removed after a short period of time in order to permit further processing (coating or adhesion) without an increased energy requirement or damage to the surface occurring.