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A direct optical injection locked 8 GHz MMIC oscillator.

Direkt optisch synchronisierter monolithisch integrierter 8 GHz Oszillator
: Bangert, A.; Ludwig, M.


IEEE-MTT-S Digest (1991), P-4, S.499-502 : Abb.,Lit.
Fraunhofer IAF ()
HEMT; MMIC; optical injection locked; optical phase control; optically controlled microwave devices; optisch gesteuerte Mikrowellenbauweise; optische Injektions-Synchronisation; optische Phasensteuerung

For the first time the optical injection locking behavior of a monolithic integrated HFET-oscillator has been investigated. The monolithic integration is an important step towards the implementation of optically controlled oscillators in phased array antenna systems. The oscillators was designed to operate at 8 GHz. The gate and source terminals of the HFET were biased at 0 volt through coplanar lines, which also served as a feedback and resonator circuit. The active region of the device was illuminated by a pigtailed laser diode modulated at about 8 GHz so that the oscillator circuit could be optically injection locked. The experimental results show the optical locking behaviour of the oscillator. A direct comparison between optical and electrical injection locking is possible.