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Digitalisiersystem zum Laserstrahl-Reparaturauftragschweissen und Rapid Prototyping

: Nowotny, S.; Scharek, S.; Naumann, T.; Wagner, O.

FH für Technik und Wirtschaft Mittweida:
IWKM '98. 13. Internationale Wissenschaftliche Konferenz Mittweida
Mittweida, 1998 (Scientific reports. Journal of the Mittweida University of Technology and Economics 1998)
S.47-53 (Nr.9, Lasertechnik)
FH Mittweida (Internationale wissenschaftliche Konferenz) <13, 1998, Mittweida>
Fraunhofer IWS ()
3D-Digitalisierer; 3D-digitizing; Bauteilreparatur; laser-cladding; Laser-Pulver-Auftragschweissen; Rapid Prototyping; repair; tool

Expensive tools have to be repaired quickly, flexible and with low costs. A new CAD/CAM program developed at the Fraunhofer Institute IWS possibly meets all these requirements.At present work, technologies for multilayer laser cladding and the suitability of different coating systems was proved. The currently used software for recording and processing tool geometry data was adapted. Using the new DCAM4 program, differences between the present and the required tool geometry can be recorded, coating technologies can be defined and simulations can be carried out. Conventional hot- and cold-work tool steels are used as substrate materials, cobalt-based alloys of about 40-54 HRC as coating materials.Using the new developed CAD/CAM program a multilayer generation of crack- and porefree compact samples could be realized. A further application of the technique was the repair of hot-forming dies. Perspectively, solid state and diode lasers will be used as energy source, and the generation of co mplex shaped parts will be possible.