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Diagnosesystem im Scheckkartenformat

Diagnostic system in credit card format - adapts amplitude and time basis of represented QRS complexes to size of display region of display device.
: Hauer, J.; Seitzer, D.

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DE 1996-19623149 A: 19960610
DE 1996-19623149 A: 19960610
DE 19623149 C1: 19980129
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The system (10) is in the form of a credit card and has no operating elements for non-invasive, automatic measurement of the heart current cycle, heart rate and skin temperature of a patient. The system has at least three detector devices (18a-c) attached to a housing (16) to detect signals representing the patient's heart cycle and skin temperature. The system also has a display device (12) for displaying the measured cycle, the heart rate and the skin temperature. An integrated circuit (26,38) processes the detected signals and controls the display device (12). The integrated circuit causes the signal processing and display when a heart current signal is applied to the detector devices (18a-c). The integrated circuit controls the display device such that the amplitude and time basis of represented QRS complexes of the heart cycle are adapted to the size of the display region of the display device. ADVANTAGE - Provides convenient easy to use and carry diagnostic system with reliable o peration. Can be used quickly in emergency.