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Determination of organic emissions from textile floor coverings

: Sollinger, S.; Behnert, S.; Levsen, K.

Indoor Air '93. Chemicals in indoor air, material emissions. Vol.2. Proceedings
Espoo: Teknillinen korkeakoulu, 1993
ISBN: 951-22-1565-9
International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate <6, 1993, Helsinki>
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
analytical; carpet; chemical; chemistry; climate test chamber; compound; floor covering; gas chromatography; hazardous substance; indoor air pollution; mass spectrometry; organic; styrene-butadiene rubber; textile; volatile

The organic emissions from textile floor coverings have been investigated in a climate chamber under static and dynamic conditions. 110 compounds have been identified as emission products, the origin of which is discussed. Static experiments are particularly suited to determine equilibrium concentrations and to screen carpets rapidly for their emission potential. Dynamic experiments demonstrate that the observed concentrations in the gas phase do not depend on the chamber size. If the air exchange is increased the concentration is not reduced proportionally. Rather with increasing air exchange the mass transfer from the rubber foam to the gas phase is enhanced. The time dependence of the emission of toluene and 4-phenyl-cyclohexene from seven carpets is compared.