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Determination of design and test spectra for vehicle components under operational conditions in China

Belastungsdaten zur Auslegung von Nutzfahrzeugkomponenten unter Einsatzbedingungen in China
: Fischer, G.; Grubisic, V.; Gu, B.L.; Lu, S.C.; Li, M.

Automobile in Harmony with Human Society. XXV FISITA Congress
Beijing: International Academic Publishers, 1994 (Technical papers - vehicle dynamics 2)
ISBN: 7-80003-309-0
FISITA Congress <25, 1994, Beijing>
Fraunhofer LBF ()
Bemessung; design; driving test; Fahrversuch; Fahrzeugbau; Fahrzeugrad; Lastkraftwagen; measurement; Messung; Radnabe; truck; vehicle construction; vehicle wheel; wheel hub

This paper summarizes the main results of a cooperative research project "Procedure for Optimal Design of Truck Components under Operational Conditions in the People's Republic of China" performed by LBF and SAW from 1986 to 1991. The massproduced truck "Aeolus EQ 140" by SAW was used as test vehicle and a representative route near Shiyan/Hubel area was chosen for service measurements. The road and usage conditions In China are different to that hi West-Europe and the U.S.A. Based on service measurements under different roads and usage conditions the data about loading conditions of Individual vehicle components were derived. In comparison to the loading conditions of such vehicles in Europe and U.S.A., due to the road Conditions and vehicle usage, the vehicle Components are more stressed during straight driving while at cornering and braking the frequency of higher loads are lower. With regard to the results of service measurements and evaluated design spectra the load programs for en durance testing of vehicle suspension components. like wheels, hubs, and axle components. on multiaxial test facilities were derived. This cooperative project is a first systematic Investigation of China service conditions based on many-years experience and measurements on the roads in Central Europe and U.S.A. and should contribute to the optimization and light-weight design of Individual vehicle components to be operated in China.