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Detection and kinetics of chemical reactions during the drying process

Erfassung und Kinetik chemischer Reaktionen während der Trocknung
: Müller, K.; Bauer, W.

Spiess, W.E.L.; Schubert, H.:
Engineering and Food. Vol.2. Preservation Processes and Related Techniques
London, 1990
ISBN: 1-85166-466-1
S.644-657 : Abb.,Lit.
International Congress on Engineering and Food <5, 1989, Köln>
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
chemical reaction; chemische Reaktion; detection; drying; Erfassung; Gemüse; kinetics; Kinetik; Qualität; quality; Trocknung; vegetable food

The quality related control of drying processes for vegetable food with indicator compounds initially requires a knowledge of to what extent these compounds are dependent on the moisture content and temperature of the product. This dependency is related to the deterioration kinetics of the indicator compounds. In addition, systems which monitor the parameters of food temperature and moisture content using an on-line or short time step method are required. Another method is to monitor the indicator directly with suitable measuring systems. If the influences of pretreatment and drying parameters on the indicator compounds are known, the process can be controlled in a way such that the degree of deterioration will not exceed the desired limits.