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Detailed Investigations of Multiphase Flows Using Phase-Doppler Anemometry

: Braeske, H.; Brenn, G.; Domnick, J.

International Conference on Multiphase Flow 1998
Lyon, Frankreich, 1998
International Conference on Multiphase Flow <3, 1998, Lyon, Frankreich>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Blase; Flüssigkeit; Multiphase Flows; Phasen-Doppler-Anemometrie

Multiphase flows with continuous liquid phase are important for many industrial processes like waste-water treatment and the production of chemicals (e.g., methanation of CO) or conveying of multiphase mixtures. The performance of reactors for liquid reactions is strongly influenced by the behaviour of the multiphase flow in the reactor, and an understanding of the details of this flow is crucial for any optimization purpose. Deep insight into these details is provided only by measuring techniques which yield measurement data for the continuous and for the disperse phases separately and with a high spatial and temporal resolution. The present paper shows that phase-Doppler anemometry (PDA) is a suitable measuring technique for the investigation of such flows. Details of the behaviour of the disperse phase in a bubble column were investigated for varying concentrations (hold-ups) of air bubbles in water. The evolution of mean bubble velocities, sizes and bubble relative velocity in the flow is quantified.