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Design of high precision mechanisms for generation of rotary motion using piezoelectric actuators

: Dörrer, P.

Borgmann, H.:
Actuator 98. Conference proceedings
Bremen: Messe Bremen Ges., 1998
ISBN: 3-933339-00-6
International Conference on New Actuators <6, 1998, Bremen>
Fraunhofer IOF ()
adjusting device; Drehversteller; Festkörpergelenk; flexure hinge; flexure mechanism; Gelenkmechanismus; miniaturisiertes System; miniaturized mechanism; piezoelectric actuator; piezoelektrischer Aktuator; Positioniersystem; positioning system; rotary stage

The paper presents various design examples of flexure mechanisms, which transform the linear motion generated by piezoelectric actuators into a rotation or which enlarge the linear motion range of piezoactuators. Additionally it offers the design of different precise positioning systems which mainly contain such flexure mechanisms and piezoelectric multilayer actuators. In these systems as notch hinge constitutes the pivot point for the whole arrangement including rotor. In addition they contain hinges building a clamp mechanism for transmitting the rotation from the stator to the rotor. Due to motion generation by such mechanisms the reachable angular resolution is very high. For the systems an angular resolution of 0.025 seconds of arc = 0.1 2 my rad was measured, what confirm the suitability of these mechanisms for exact motion transmission.