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Design and applications of tunable analog BiCMOS circuits

: Fichtel, Jürgen; Hosticka, Bedrich J.; Schardein, Werner


IEEE journal of solid-state circuits 27 (1992), Nr.7, S.1101 - 1104
ISSN: 0018-9200
Fraunhofer IMS ()
adaptive filter; Adaptivfilter; Analogschaltung; analogue circuit; band-elimination filter; Bandsperre; BICMOS; integrated filters; integrierte Filter; tunable filters

In this communication we discuss the design, merits, and applications of tunable analog BiCMOS circuits. Although the BiCMOS technology offers higher design flexibility due to the presence of more types of active devices than the standard CMOS or bipolar technologies, it is also costlier. Hence, its use can be justified only if the salient features of BiCMOS are taken adequately advantage of. The presented work discusses one possible approach that cannot be easily and economically duplicated in other technologies.