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Descriptive modeling of software process

: Becker, U.; Hamann, D.; Verlage, M.

European Software Institute -ESI-; Fraunhofer-Institut für Experimentelles Software Engineering -IESE-, Kaiserslautern:
The European Conference on Software Process Improvement (SPI). Proceedings : 1 - 4 December 1997, Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona: Meetings Management, 1997
Ill., Lit.
European Conference on Software Process Improvement (SPI) <1997, Barcelona>
Fraunhofer IESE ()

An approach to descriptive process modeling is described. A description of the process a process model is essential for successful process improvement. First, a process model serves as a baseline for process change. Secondly, the process model is needed to identify measurement points. Furthermore, an explicit representation of the process supports process understanding. Capturing an accurate model of the actual process in a software development organization is thus one key factor of systematic process management. Not enough experience exists with respect to on how to model processes descriptively. In this paper an 8-step approach to descriptive process modeling is described which is based on practical experience. The approach consists of two phases: The set-up phase and the execution phase. The approach has been trialed in several process improvement programs undertaken in large software development organizations. Although still tentative, the approach could be used to collect valu abl e experience about important issues for the process modeler. The performance of the eight steps is illustrated by industrial modeling cases.