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Demilitarization and environmental research and technology - new challenges

Demilitarisierung, Umweltforschung und Umwelttechnologie - neue Herausforderungen
: Schubert, H.

International defense and technology (1994), Sondernr. Energetic materials, S.89-95
ISSN: 1155-3480
International Symposium on Energetic Materials <1994, Paris>
Fraunhofer ICT ()

Military research units have good chances of compensating for the reduction in financial support from military sources through the inclusion of new research and development targets from the most up to date technological fields. These fields are to be selected so that existing know-how is used and no separation between military and civilian research occurs. Such an inclusion process of new objectives must be accepted by all scientists as a challenge and must be accompanied by all the elements modern management can supply. Research in the field of ground and water contamination, and the new aspects of environmental protection present challenges to those research installations affected, whereby the mastering of the objectives involved will become all the more difficult, the more the previous objectives in military development were confined to a specific product or products.