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Defect characterization with advanced NDE methods

: Brinette, R.; Deuster, G.

The European Journal of Nondestructive Testing 1 (1991), Nr.2, S.59-63
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
ALOK; EMUS; Fehlerbeschreibung; Großbehälter; HDR; LSAFT; phased array; Potentialsondenverfahren; Riß; Rißwachstum; Schallemissionsprüfung; Thermoschock; Wirbelstromverfahren

In the framework of the German Reactor Safety Programme, as well as many large nuclear components, three full-scale pressure vessels areavailable. With them, the capability of modified and newly-developed NDE techniques has been demonstrated under in-situ conditions. It is shown how different techniques such as ultrasonics, potential drop and acoustic emission can detect and characterise various defect configurations.