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Debonding of adhesively joined electronic circuits for recycling.

Entstücken von Platinen zum Zweck des Recyclings
: Hartwig, A.; Hennemann, O.-D.


Journal of Electronics Manufacturing (1993), Nr.3, S.175-178
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
conductive adhesive; debonding; electronic circuit; Entfügen; Entstücken; Leichtklebstoff; Lotersatz; Platine; recycling; solder replacement

A restriction of the use of lead in electronics can be expected. Conductive adhesives are able to replace the lead containing solder. The alternative joining technology should not only replace lead, debonding of the connection must be possible for the purpose of repair and recycling, too. Possible methods for debonding are described as well as requirements of environmentally friendly adhesively bonded electronics.