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DaScript Plus - A postscript extension supporting 3D graphics with 2D functionality

: Noll, S.; Samara, V.; Schaub, J.

Eurographics '90
Eurographics <1990, Montreaux>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
3D graphics system; DaScript; integration; Page Description Languages; PHIGS PLUS; PostScript; raster output devices

In the world of electronic publishing page description languages describe a very powerful interface between document creation software and raster output devices. 3D graphics systems offer the possibility to give a more or less realistic description of the 3D world. The current page description languages support 2D graphics only. However, documents also need graphics descriptions that contain 3D information. DaScript Plus provides a sufficient mapping of the PHIGS PLUS functionality. It allows the device independent incorporation of realistic 3D pictures within documents, and their high quality output on laser printers and type setters.