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Kryokonservierung an textilen Geweben

Substrate for cryopreservation of cells or cell groups, comprises carrier filaments, optionally in fabric form, for adhesive attachment of sample.
: Zimmermann, H.; Meyer, J.; Fuhr, G.R.

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DE 2002-10203644 A: 20020130
DE 2002-10203644 A: 20020130
WO 2003-EP904 A: 20030129
DE 10203644 A1: 20030807
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Es wird ein Kryosubstrat, insbesondere zur Kryokonservierung biologischer Proben, mit mindestens einem Festphasenelement beschrieben, das zur adhaerenten Probenfixierung eingerichtet ist, wobei das Festphasenelement mindestens ein Traegerfilament umfasst. Es wird ferner ein Verfahren zur Kryokonservierung biologischer Proben unter Verwendung eines derartigen Kryosubstrates beschrieben.


DE 10203644 A UPAB: 20030903 NOVELTY - Cryosubstrate (A), especially for preservation of biological samples, has at least one carrier filament (B) as solid phase element for adhesive fixing of the sample. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a method of cryopreservation of biological samples by loading them on to (A) then freezing. USE - (A) is used for cryopreservation of cells or cell groups. ADVANTAGE - (A) makes good use of available storage space; provides physiological transfer of samples from suspension and/or are easy to handle. Also filaments are easily cut, for recovering part of the sample, and fabrics prepared from (B) are stable, flexible and allow integration of other functional components. (A) can be produced inexpensively with various structures and from many different materials; can be sterilized and washed without injuring attached cells; are storage stable; are easily retrieved from storage and allow automated operation. Fabric carriers may be combined by sewing; can be reused (including use for supplying liquid for feeding cells) and may serve as a source of coolant (liquid nitrogen, e.g. during transport). 1