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Verfahren, Vorrichtung und Hilfsfuegeteil zum Fuegen von mindestens zwei Bauteilen

Mechanical joining method, for overlapping parts, uses compression forces for plastic deformation of both auxiliary joining element and overlapping parts.
: Dietrich, S.; Mauermann, R.; Jesche, F.; Lachmann, L.

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DE 2002-10213793 A: 20020327
DE 2002-10213793 A: 20020327
WO 2003-EP3206 A: 20030327
DE 10213793 A1: 20031009
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WO2003080270 A UPAB: 20031105 NOVELTY - The mechanical joining method uses a deformable auxiliary joining element (1), e.g. a clinch rivet, which is pressed into the overlapping parts (2,3) by compression forces provided between an axially displaced upper tool (6) operated by a and a cooperating flat lower tool (4), causing plastic deformation of both the joining element and each of the parts. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - A tumble movement may be superimposed on the axial displacement of the upper tool, provided via a mechanical, electromechanical or piezoelectric drive. Also included are INDEPENDENT CLAIMS for the following: (a) a device for providing a mechanical joint between overlapping parts; (b) a joining element for a mechanical joining method USE - The method is used for providing a mechanical joint between 2 flat overlapping parts. ADVANTAGE - Joining process does not require pre-punching.