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Crystallizing glass in resistor pastes for AlN

Kristallisierendes Glas in Widerstandspasten

Gusmano, G. ; European Ceramic Society:
Fourth Euro-Ceramics 1995. Proceedings of the Fourth European Ceramic Society Conference. Vol.5: Electroceramics
Faenza: Ed. Faenza, 1995
ISBN: 88-8138-009-9
Euro-Ceramics (ECerS) <4, 1995, Riccione>
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
AlN; crystallizing glass; Dickschicht; kristallisierendes Glas; process-sensitivity; Prozeßempfindlichkeit; resistor paste; thick films; Widerstandspaste

Development of thick film resistor pastes with a high resistivity and a low temperature coefficient of restistance is described by using a crystallizing glass. The crystallization of the ZnO-SiO2-Al2O3-glass was investigated by XRD- and DTA-methods and depends on the milling state of the glass. During the firing process of the thick film pastes interactions between the glass and the substrate (AlN) are possible and influence the crystallization too. Therefore the process-sensitivity of these pastes is very high.