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Creating a Web Analysis and Visualization Environment

: Kent, R.E.; Neuss, C.

Mosaic and the Web Advance. Proceedings. Vol. 1
International World-Wide Web Conference <2, 1994, Genf>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
environment; wave; Web Analysis and visualisation environment; WWW

Due to the rapid growth of the World-Wide Web, resource discovery has become an increasing problem. As an answer to the demand for information management, a third generation of World-Wide Web tools will evolve: information gathering and processing agents. This paper describes WAVE (Web Analysis and Visualization Environment), a 3D interface for World-Wide Web information visualization and browsing. It uses the mathematical theory of concept analysis to conceptually cluster objects. So-called "conceptual scales" for attributes, such as location, title, keywords, topic, size, or modification time, provide a formal mechanism that automatically classifies and categorizes documents, creating a conceptual information space. A visualization shell serves as an ergonomically sound user interface for exploring this information space.