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Create! Simulation aided development of control software for automated material flow systems

: Rüger, M.; Schmidt, R.; Schürholz, A.

Summer Computer Simulation Conference. Proceedings
Summer Computer Simulation Conference <1989, Austin>
Fraunhofer IML ()
control software; material flow systems; Materialflußsystem; object orientation; Objektorientierung; simulation; Steuerungssoftware

So far simulators in connection with production processes and material flow systems are primarily used as design instruments and planning support tools. Recently new application areas developed: Some prototypical applications have shown the feasibility of applying simulation for the task of developing and testing of control software. This paper will give a short survey of existing systems, both special purpose and modified conventional simulators and derive requirements for a new generally applicable simulator. We will outline the concepts behind CREATE!, our approach to match the requirments stated before.