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A continuous enzyme membrane reactor retaining the native nicotinamide cofactor NAD-H.

Eine kontinuierliche Enzyme-Membranreaktor mit Rückhaltung der nativen Nikotinamidefaktor NAD-H
: Chmiel, H.; Howaldt, M.; Kulbe, K.-D.

Chmiel, H.:
Biochemical Engineering '90
Stuttgart: Fischer, 1990
S.253-260 : Abb.,Lit.
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Fraunhofer IGB ()
enzyme membrane reactor; enzyme stability; Kn-Wert für Substrat; NAD-H; Produktinhibition; retention; Zurückhaltung

It was shown that high retentions for the native coenzyme NAD(H) may be obtained in a membrane reactor utilizing a negatively charged ultrafiltration membrane. The degree of retention of the total coenzyme (NAD+ and NADH) depends on f e. This ratio is a complex function of the kinetic properties of both enzymes (Km values for the substrate; product inhibition; enzyme stability) and of the operating conditions (absolute concentrations of substrates and products in the reactor). The efficacy of this approach, then, depends on whether a regenerating enzyme may found that possesses favorable kinetic properties.