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Constructive page description. Opening up the prepress world

: Samara, V.; Wiedling, H.-P.

Post, F.H.:
Eurographics '91. Proceedings of the European Computer Graphics Conference and Exhibition
Amsterdam: North-Holland Publishing, 1991
ISBN: 0-444-89096-3
Eurographics <1991, Wien>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
changeable pages; fully assembled pages; Graphic arts industry; integration; open system architecture; prepress formats; printing process

The Constructive Page Description (CPD) is an overall approach allowing different kind of data to be exchanged between a variety of systems and manipulated in arbitrary system environments. Fully changeable pages, that keep information for modifications as long as necessary, as well as fully assembled pages, ready for the printing process, can be constructed by the use of CPD. Moreover, data as well as operations can be organized in distributed descriptions, and so, allow the support of networking facilities. The CPD is thereby very flexible in handling, combining and exchanging data and operations used in the construction of pages. Thus, the CPD helps bridge the gap between the printing and the Computer Graphics world, it is an approach to lead Prepress towards an open system architecture.