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Constraint production management using Fuzzy Control

: Mertins, K.; Albrecht, R.; Duttenhofer, F.

Sun, Q.; Tang, Z.; Zhang, Y.:
CAPE '95. International Conference on Computer Applications in Production and Engineering. Proceedings
London: Chapman and Hall, 1995
International Conference on Computer Applications in Production and Engineering (CAPE) <1995, Beijing>
Fraunhofer IPK ()
decision support system; fuzzy logic; order scheduling; production management system; rule-based planning; set-up scheduling

The functions of short-time planning and control of orders on the factory's shop floor can be supported by Production Management Systems. A scheduling system capable of reflecting the planning staff's experience has been implemented. Due to the complexity of the scheduling problem and the typical lack of precision in shop expert's planning strategy descriptions a system was designed based on Fuzzy Logic. The article presents concepts, theory and implementation of a Fuzzy Logic scheduling system for an aluminium foundry and mill.