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Consideration on the productivity and flexibility in automatic soldering using industrial robots

: Warnecke, H.-J.; Spingler, J.

Japan Industrial Robot Association -JIRA-, Tokyo:
20th International Symposium on Industrial Robots '89. Proceedings
Tokyo, 1989
International Symposium on Industrial Robots <20, 1989, Tokyo>
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Automatisierung; Industrieroboter; Löten; Roboter; Soldering

Recently automatic soldering technology using industrial robots has been spreaded in the production line. As the main problem is this automation technique low production speed and low flexibility can be counted. Though development of new method in robotic soldering the production speed can be essentially improved rather than through optimization of soldering process and robot path. This paper introduces new soldering process suitable to robotics soldering and verifies the results through experiments. Optimized vibration process is added during wire feeding. By this method quality as well as soldering speed could be improved. Automatic soldering tool for robots imitated the motion of manual workers. But hte flexiblity of tool construction is very limited as against human hands. This poor flexibility of soldering tool cannot cover the wide application. Here a flexible soldering tool is introduced. In approaching of soldering tip to pin/pad will be searched correct positions of pin using optical fiber sensor in a cartesian direction. During press process 2 press-down force components will be feedbached to optimal value because the press-down force is a important parameter of soldering process.