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A conceptual approach for an architecture of distributed objects for the integration of heterogeneous data processing systems in manufacturing companies


International Journal of Production Research 36 (1998), Nr.11, S.2997-3011
ISSN: 0020-7543
Fraunhofer IAO ()

A new integration concept for heterogeneous legacy systems is developed. The concept consists of a model (business object model), an implementation of business objects (Internet or Java/CORBA) and an information structure (structure of the graphical user interface). The architecture separates the dialog level from a logical application level, the business objects. Legacy systems should be integrated into a company-wide IT (Information Technology) architecture. This can be done through the encapsulation of these systems into several business objects. The IT implementation of the encapsulation will be implemented on the one hand using internet standards, and on the other hand using Java and CORBA. Information transparency for all users in a corporate and user-friendly way is developed and described in an information structure. Within the information structure the software engineer creates new applications using business objects as well as encapsulated legacy systems and applications. The se legacy systems are integrated in the new architecture of distributed objects, and will be re-used, encapsulated and transformed into an object-oriented architecture.