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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Gewinnung und Foerderung von Gashydraten und Gasen aus Gashydraten

Recovery and transport of subterranean hydrates and their gases, comprises injecting fluid into deposit to cause destabilization, with extraction through riser.
: Althaus, W.; Graen-Heedfeld, J.; Hadulla, A.; Schlueter, S.; Schultz, H.J.; Schulzke, T.

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DE 2001-10141896 A: 20010828
DE 2001-10141896 A: 20010828
WO 2002-EP9385 A: 20020822
DE 10141896 A1: 20030327
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Die Erfindung betrifft ein Verfahren zur Gewinnung und Foerderung von in Gashydraten enthaltenen Gasen und Gashydraten aus Lagerstaetten, die unter der Erd- oder Wasseroberflaeche angeordnet sind, wobei a) ein Fluid mittels mindestens einer Abstroemvorrichtung, die von oberhalb der Erd- oder Wasseroberflaeche bis in die Lagerstaette hineinreicht, eingefuehrt wird, b) das Fluid das Gashydrat mindestens teilweise destabilisiert, so dass das Gas entweicht und c) das entweichende Gas und/oder das Gashydrat ueber mindestens einen Aufstroemer, der von der Lagerstaette bis ueber die Erd- oder Wasseroberflaeche fuehrt, abgefuehrt wird.


WO2003021079 A UPAB: 20030416 NOVELTY - A fluid is carried down from the land- or water surface, introducing it into the deposit (3). This de-stabilizes the gas hydrate, releasing gas, which is returned to the surface (5) through a riser (1). DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is included for extraction equipment. Preferred Features: The gas and/or gas hydrate reaching the surface is intercepted in a vessel (4), separating gas from the water. Further separation of entrained solids takes place. Substances of lower density than water, especially oils, are separated in addition. The fluid is sea water, surface water, ground water, melted ice or snow. Before entering the downcomer (2), the fluid is heated, using recovered gas to supplement the heating. The gas and/or gas hydrate are extracted from gas hydrate strata lying on and in the sea bed. They are recovered from sediment and/or ground deposits. The downcomer and/or riser are pipes. Before transport of gases and/or gas hydrates, a cavern is formed in the gas hydrate strata. This is produced by reduced pressure, heat or mining excavation, using chemical additives. USE - Used to extract gas and/or gas hydrates from subterranean-, sea bed- or subsea deposits, transporting them to the surface and separating byproducts. ADVANTAGE - Efficient, reliable, simple, controlled, technically-sound recovery is achieved. Methane is produced especially. The method is ecologically- acceptable. A newer source of fossil fuel, available in enormous quantities, is exploited. Less CO2 (a greenhouse gas) results from its combustion, than from other fossil fuels. Oil and coal are conserved. High thermodynamic efficiencies exceeding 50% can be achieved, firing this fuel in power stations. The process improves on earlier processes depending largely on energy injection for recovery.