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Computer aided layout and optimization of phased array probes

: Gebhardt, W.; Schwarz, H.-P.

Proceedings of the 3rd German-Japanese Joint Seminar
Deutsch-Japanisches-Seminar <3, 1985, Stuttgart>
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
elektronische Schallbündelsteuerung; Fokusschlauchoptimierung; phased array; Prüfkopfmodellierung; Ring Array; Ultraschallprüfung

For the computerized design and optimization of linear and planer arrays, extensive software packages are developed at the IzfP, comprising flexible programs for broadband calculations of the ultrasonic pressure distribution in the near and far field and for the calculation of the electrical properties of these probes. Furthermore, design programs based upon transmission line theory, taking into account the piezoelectric ceramic, backing, matching layers, protective layer, coupling slot and test specimen are available. As an example, the design of the element distribution of an subdivided annular array for threedimensional beam steering is described.