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Thermotrope Folie und Verfahren zu deren Herstellung

Thermotropic film, useful as shading on transparent materials is prepared from a photo-hardenable matrix polymer, thermotropic monomer, reactive diluent, photoinitiator and thixotropic compound.
: Schwitalla, C.; Goedeke, H.; Koenig, N.

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DE 2001-10124363 A: 20010518
DE 2001-10124363 A: 20010518
EP 2002-10718 A: 20020514
EP 1258504 B1: 20040721
DE 10124363 B4: 20060309
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Thermotrope Folie, herstellbar aus einem Gemisch aus einem photohaertenden Matrixpolymer, einer thermotropen monomeren Verbindung, einem Reaktivverduenner und einem Photoinitiator, wobei das Gemisch als zusaetzliche Komponente eine thixotrope Verbindung in einer Konzentration zwischen 0,5 und 5 Gew.-% enthaelt.


EP 1258504 A UPAB: 20030224 NOVELTY - A thermotropic film (I) is prepared from a mixture of a photo-hardenable matrix polymer, a thermotropic monomeric compound, a reactive diluent, a photoinitiator and 0.5-5 wt.% of a thixotropic compound. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a process for the production of the film (I) by flow casting of a mixture of a photo-hardenable polymer, a reactive diluent, a photoinitiator and a thixotropic compound onto a support surface in a layer thickness of 10 mu m -1 mm followed by cross-linking of the mixture by irradiation with a UV-source in the absence of O2. USE - The thermotropic film (I) is useful as shading on transparent materials such as glass or plastic (claimed). ADVANTAGE - The film (I) may be applied to existing glass installations.