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Communication within an industrial enterprise

: Pape, D.F.

Computer Networks and ISDN Systems 14 (1988), S.237-244
ISSN: 0169-7552
Fraunhofer IML ()
Informationsflußanalyse; Informationsflußmodell; Informationsnetzwerk(integriert); Informationsprozess; Kommunikation; Produktionssteuerung

Communication within industrial (and other) enterprises is strongly determined by the technical equipment installed. Especially when computer systems are involved the lack of a human-centered thinking is obvious. The employees have to adapt their individual way of communication to that of the electronic machinery. This paper shows that it is not necessary to act this way. Before implementing a production control system in a medium-sized enterprise the overall target of the whole company is defined. Taking this as a basis it very quickly gets clear, that the role of production has to be seen within the whole context of order processing from the purchasing department to the distribution of goods. The most effective way to optimize the complete system is not just to implement a better production control system but to coordinate the information flow between several departments, i.e. to find out the best way of communication. This paper describes a human-centered approach for the developmen t of an information system. Then a new method is developed how to determine the necessary information flow in the context of the prior results. (ITW)