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Combustible cases for RMK 30

: Schedlbauer, F.; Messmer, A.; Steffens, U.; Reuter, I.

Teipel, U. ; Fraunhofer-Institut für Chemische Technologie -ICT-, Pfinztal:
Energetic materials - production, processing and characterization
Pfinztal: ICT, 1998 (Proceedings of the International Annual Conference of ICT 29)
ISSN: 0722-4087
Fraunhofer-Institut für Chemische Technologie (Internationale Jahrestagung) <29, 1998, Karlsruhe>
Fraunhofer-Institut für Chemische Technologie (International Annual Conference) <29, 1998, Karlsruhe>
Fraunhofer ICT ()

Combustible cases were developed for the recoilless automatic cannon RMK 30 which is also presented. The cases (caliber 30 mm) are made of plastic-bonded explosives. Inductive ignition allows a very high rate of firing. Another advantage is the fully telescoped projectile. The recoil is compensated by the rear out stream of firing gases through a gas jet nozzle. The max. pressure is 400 MPa and the muzzle velocity is >1000 m/s. The hit pattern shows very low deviation. Applications of the cannon are light carriers and helicopters.