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Cl and OH influence on the radiation response of pure silica core optical fibers

: Skutnik, B.J.; Köhn, O.; Schmidt, H.U.; Evans, B.D.

Annual Meeting of the American Ceramic Society
American Ceramic Society (Meeting) <93, 1991, Cincinatti>
Fraunhofer INT ()
Cl content; continuous irradiation; low temperature; OH content; optical fibres; pulsed irradiation; radiation induced loss; room temperature

Hard Clad Silica optical fibers, drawn from preforms with different levels of Cl and OH, have been exposed to both continuous gamma-radiation and pulsed electron beam radiation to 10 krad, using the NATO-FOTP-49 protocol. The induced attenuation and subsequent recovery were measured at 20xC and -50xC employing two different light power levels at each temperature. Results will be presented and compared for the various conditions and OH/Cl content differences. Implications for mechanisms of defect growth and recovery will be presented.