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Chipanordnung und Verfahren zum Herstellen derselben

Chip bonding to chip or substrate - using bonding system of individual spaced diamond pieces.
: Töpfer, M.; Kaulfersch, E.; Weiss, S.; Reichl, H.

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DE 1996-19651528 A: 19961211
DE 1996-19651528 A: 19961211
DE 19651528 A1: 19980618
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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A chip arrangement has a connection system consisting of several individual spaced diamond pieces (12) connected between two chips or between a chip (10) and a substrate (14) preferably by thermo-compression bonding or by soldering with a 80/20 Au/Sn or 37/63 Pb/Sn solder. Preferably, the substrate is a cooled substrate (14) of Si, AlN, Cu, W-Cu or Mo-Cu and the chip is a high power chip (10), especially a high power laser rod of AlGaAs/GaAs or InGaAs/GaAs. Also claimed are methods of: (i) bonding a chip (10) to a substrate (14) by applying a diamond layer over the entire surface of a substrate (14), structuring the layer to define individual spaced diamond pieces (12) and bonding the diamond pieces to a chip (10); and (ii) bonding a first chip (10) to a second chip or substrate (14) by applying individual spaced diamond pieces (12) onto the first chip (10) or the second chip or the substrate (14) and then bonding the diamond pieces to the other chip or the substrate. USE - Especially in die-bond or flip-chip technology for producing multi-chip modules or in opto-electronics. ADVANTAGE - The connection system has good thermal conductivity, ensures long life of the chip arrangement and allows mounting of high power laser rods (e.g. of 10 mm x 0.6 mm x 100 mu m size and 50 W loss power) on a heat sink.