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Chip-Gehaeusung sowie Verfahren zur Herstellung einer Chip-Gehaeusung

Chip housing and process for the production of a chip housing
: Azdasht, G.; Zakel, E.; Reichl, H.

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EP 1995-101472 A: 19950202
DE 1995-19542883 A: 19951117
DE 19542883 A1: 19960808
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Housing to receive at least one electronic component, such as a chip (11) or similar, and process for the production of this type of housing having a capping layer (12) and a counter capping layer (13) which receive the electronic component between each other, whereby the capping layer (12) and the counter capping layer (13) are provided with conductors (15, 16 and 24, 25) on their inner sides in such a way that the conductors (15, 16) of the capping layer (12) connect terminal areas (21, 22) of the component (11) with the conductors (24, 25) of the counter capping layer (13) and the conductors (24, 25) of the counter capping layer (13) end in terminal areas (32, 33) of the housing (10), whereby the capping layer (12) and/or the counter capping layer (13) has/have a flexible substrate (14) and are interconnected in the capping layer connection areas (73) surrounding the component (11).