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Chemical and physical investigations on wallcoverings

: Salthammer, T.

Univ. Bayreuth:
ECOINFORMA '92. Abstracts. Vol.1
Bayreuth, 1992
International Congress and Exhibition on Environmental Information and Communication <2, 1992, Bayreuth>
Fraunhofer WKI ()
formaldehyde; heavy metal; vinylchloride; VOC; wallcovering; water vapour permeability

More than 200 wallcoverings of different kind were analyzed on emissions of formaldehyde, vinylchloride monomer (VCM) and the heavy metals As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Hg, Pb, Sb and Se. The formaldehyde emission was measured according to a modified WKI-flask method. In order to determine indoor air concentrations, the obtained material parameters were correlated with steady state concentration values from 1 cbm chamber tests. VCM was analysed by headspace gas chromatography. The metals were extracted with hydrochloric acid at 37 degree C and quantified by AAS or ICP/AES. All investigated wallcoverings showed only low emission potentials for formaldehyde and the eight metals. In no case could VCM be detected. To find out more about emissions of other volatile organic compounds (VOC), wallcoverings were exposed to inert gas at 60 degree C (dynamic headspace) and the emitted substances were specified by (GC/MS). Alternately, the release of VOC was investigated under specified climatic conditions in a 1 cbm test chamber. The VOC-emissions of the tested wallcoverings were low in all cases. Aliphatic hydrocarbons, probably coming from solvents like test benzines, were mainly found. Some aliphatic aldehydes and aromatic solvents could also be detected in small quantities. By testing the water vapour permeability of more than 40 probes, it was found that the permeability coefficients are widely spread, depending on the type and amount of the cover material.