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Charge injection and trapping effects in DPOP-PPV polymer films

: Michelotti, F.; Taggi, V.; Bertolotti M.; Gabler, T.; Hörhold, H.-H.; Bräuer, A.


Optical materials 12 (1999), S.279-283
ISSN: 0925-3467
Fraunhofer IOF ()
Charge injection; metal electrodes; PPV-polymer films; reflectance ellipsometry

We report on the measurement of the Kerr electro-optic susceptibility in DPOP-poly-phenylene-vinylene films sandwiched between indium tin oxide and metal electrodes. Such a polymer was designed and used for the application in third-order non-linear optical integrated devices. The results, obtained by means of non-linear reflectance ellip-sometry, indicate the presence of charge injected and trapped in the polymer films under application of a dc voltage. The values of the Kerr c (3) susceptibility and of the total voltage drop on the film are evaluated.