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Lokales Kommunikationssystem mit einem Sternnetz und optischen Kanaelen.

Local communications system with integrated services - uses TDMA methods for narrow and medium bandwidth services transmission over optical fibres.
: Kreutzer, H.W.; Heydt, G.; Hermes, T.

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DE 1983-3318483 A: 19830519
EP 1984-730052 A: 19840518
EP 127570 A: 19841205
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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EP 127570 A UPAB: 19930925 The system has a star network of optical channels and a central star coupler (1) receiving the optical fibres (2,3). The subscribers have appropriate electrooptical devices. A fully-synchronised time multiplexed system with random access and a maximum data rate in the Gbits/s range is provided for the integrated development of faster line switching of services, i.e. narrow band services with a bandwidth of up to 64 kbits/s and medium band services with a bandwidth of above 64 kbits/s and if required at least one narrow band signalling facility for broadband services. A synchronising-signal generator (6) produces a blank TDMA frame and passes it via an optical fibre (5') to the central star coupler. The time slots in the TDMA frames have protective zones at the beginning and at the end. ADVANTAGE - Offers flexibility. 1/8