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Lokales Kommunikationssystem mit einem Sternnetz.

Local communication system for both speech and data - has star coupler with incoming and outgoing line pair for each subscriber which employs optical switches.
: Kreutzer, H.W.; Hermes, T.; Heydt, G.

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EP 1984-730060 A: 19840530
EP 1984-730060 A: 19840530
EP 162994 A: 19851204
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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EP 162994 A UPAB: 19930925 The system employs a star network for providing a fully synchronised TDM system for integrated speech and data communication. Separate optical and/or electrical channels for the transmission and reception direction are provided for each subscriber station (4) which allows selective access to each channel. Pref. a synchronisation character generator (6) provides a free time multiplex frame fed to the central star coupler (1) via a transmission line (5'). The connection lines (2,3) for each subscriber station (4) are pref. coupled to a single transparent coupling field (10) using lithium-niobium-trioxide optical switches. USE - For providing flexible communication between local subscribers with different facilities. 1/7