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Handapparat fuer die Bedienung elektronisch steuerbarer Geraete

Hand-held remote control unit for electronic equipment - has enabling and disabling switch for keyboards on opposite sides of flat rectangular casino.
: Hunger, J.; Gold, H.; Mahnkopf, P.; Muehlbach, L.; Beldie, I.P.

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DE 1978-2827075 A: 19780616
DE 2827075 C2: 19820513
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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DE 2827075 A UPAB: 19940205 The hand-held remote control unit, for e.g. TV receiver, has a rectangular casing with its manually operated controls grouped into two units on opposite sides of the casing. The two keyboards can be enables and disabled automatically by a gravity switch depending on which way up the casing is held (the down keyboard is disabled). Instead of a gravity switch, an ordinary switch may be used or a photocell-type switch. Exclusive-OR logic is connected to the outputs of the enabling/disabling switch or switches. The enabled/disabled state is diaplayed.