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Bediengeraeteanordnung mit Tastaturen fuer elektronisch steuerbare und fuer Verteil- und Dialogdienste eingerichtete Fernsehapparate

Control unit for TV receiver - has hand-held sub-unit for basic conventional functions and table-top sub-unit with alphanumeric keyboard for teletext functions.
: Muehlbach, L.; Beldie, I.P.; Gold, H.; Guenther, P.; Hunger, J.; Mahnkopf, P.

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DE 1978-2850974 A: 19781121
DE 1978-2850974 A: 19781121
DE 2850974 A1: 19800529
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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EP 11593 A UPAB: 19930902 The table-top subunit has an alphanumeric keyboard interacting with a t.v. receiver, e.g. t.v. text-display systems. The hand-held subunit has a keyboard suitable for controlling the receiver's basic functions as in a conventional remote control. the hand-held subunit contains a battery charged from a mains supply circuit located in the table top subunit. The table-top subunit is connected to the t.v. receiver by cable. The hand-held subunit contains a transmitter that sends control signals via free-space to the t.v. receiver. When the hand-held subunit is plugged into the table-top subunit the signals from its keyboard are switched over from the free-space transmitter to the table-top subunit's cable, i.e. signals from the hand-held subunit's keyboard travel via the table-top subunit's cable to the receiver.