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Directional coupler for optical fibre - has curved outer surface at join with ground window sections in cores of different diameter.
: Bachus, E.J.; Peters, K.; Strebel, B.

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DE 1979-2922938 A: 19790601
DE 1979-2922938 A: 19790601
DE 2922938 A1: 19801211
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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DE 2922938 A UPAB: 19930902 A directional coupler for a light conductor, which has curved sections in the coupling zones is used in optical communication networks for signal distribution. The geometrical parameters are biased so as to achieve reproducible coupling factors over a wide range. The light conductor consists of a single core with a refractive index higher than the surrounding heathing. The coupled light conductors are joined at the curve sections along the outer surfaces. The surfaces are ground down to form windows in the fibre cores, which may have different diameters. The light conductors can be joined either by an immersion adhesive or can be welded.