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Verfahren zur Herstellung von Lichtleiter-Richtkopplern

Mfg. system for fibre optic coupler - uses block split into two halves with optical conductors in grooves, subsequently attached to plate.
: Peters, K.

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DE 1979-2930454 A: 19790724
DE 1979-2930454 A: 19790724
DE 2930454 A1: 19810212
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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DE 2930454 A UPAB: 19930915 The coupler uses a pair of single fibre optical conductors with curved sections in the coupling zone, mounted next to one another in a block, with their centres of curvature aligned. The coupler is made using a cylindrical block, one face of which has a central bore (31) and two elongate slots (41,42) either side of it and with the same width as the bore dia. The block is eccentrically attached to the surface of a second larger disc and U-shaped grooves for locating the optical conductors are provided in its peripheral surface at diametrically opposite points. The block is then split into two symmetrical halves and the optical conductors embedded in the grooves, before attaching the two halves to a mounting plate so that their curved surfaces are face to face.