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Centralized, application-oriented Graphical Interaction Control using an Example of planning Robotic Tasks

: Dai, F.


Computer Graphics 17 (1993), Nr.2, S.155-163
ISSN: 0097-8930
Fraunhofer IGD ()
interaction; robotic tasks

The program structure of large software systems is usually hierarchically modularized with each module having its own interaction functions. These interaction functions directly call functions of graphics systems. This has two disadvantages: First, the interaction functions totally depend on the graphics system. Additionally, the program flow is restricted by the program hierarchy. Therefore, it is suggested to use a centralized interaction unit, which offers application-oriented facilities. This separates the application functions from the graphics system and allows the user to access all interaction functions to control the program flow by himself. This paper presents a concept for centralizing the interaction control and discusses its realization using an example of integrated planning of robotic tasks.