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Infrarotwirksame Beschichtung sowie mit dieser Beschichtung, wenigstens teilweise ueberzogene Gegenstaende

Infrared-active coating, used on enclosed surface of hollow chambers in building blocks, cavity, e.g. in multishell building material or car part or pores of porous material, is self-hardening paint-like fluid material.
: Mehra, S.; Gertis, K.

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DE 2000-10044375 A: 20000908
DE 2000-10044375 A: 20000908
DE 10044375 A1: 20020404
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Beschrieben wird eine infrarotwirksame Beschichtung, die in einem fliessfaehigen Zustand die Konsistenz eines lackartigen Anstriches aufweist, selbstaushaertend ist und auf Oberflaechen bzw. inneren Oberflaechen von Gegenstaenden in Art einer Schicht mittels Pinsel-, Spachtel- oder Spruehtechnik aufbringbar ist und fuer Wellenlaengen ? > 600 nm eine Emissionszahl ? < 0,2 aufweisen. Ferner werden Gegenstaende beschrieben, deren Oberflaechen zumindest teilweise mit der infrarotwirksamen Beschichtung versehen sind.


DE 10044375 A UPAB: 20020709 NOVELTY - Infrared (IR)-active coating has the consistency of a lacquer-like paint in a fluid state, is self-hardening and can be applied to internal as well as external surfaces, e.g. cavities, gaps and pores, by spreading or spraying or with a brush. It has an emissivity epsilon less than 0.2 for wavelengths greater than 600 nm. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for articles coated with this material. USE - The coating is used on the enclosed surfaces of hollow chambers in hollow stone building blocks and of the space between 2 or more articles with a cavity, including multishell building materials, e.g. walls, ceilings, roofs, floors, doors or roller blind housings, and car parts, e.g. body parts, doors and panels (all claimed). It provides thermal insulation. ADVANTAGE - Existing methods of reducing heat transfer with infrared (IR)-active materials involve costly production and processing and are suitable only for special applications. The present coatings can be produced easily on the technical scale and emit no or only a little long-wave radiation.