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Buried waveguide DH-PbEuSe-lasers grown by MBE.

MBE-gefertigte DH-PbEuSe-Laser mit vergrabenem Wellenleiter

Kesselring, R.; Kneubühl, F.K.:
Fourth International Conference on Infrared Physics
S.618-620 : Abb.,Lit.
International Conference on Infrared Physics <4, 1988, Zürich>
Fraunhofer IPM ()
DH-Laser; IR-Diodenlaser; vergrabene Wellenleiter; Wellenleiter

DH-lasers with PbEuSe confinement and PbSe active layers were grown by MBE. Mesas were formed and overgrown with PbEuSe. The lasers operate cw at threshold currents of 4 mA (30 K), 8 mA (80 K) and between 1280 cm-1 (30 K) and 1800 cm-1 (160 K). The spectral characteristics of these lasers are superior to comparable DH stripe lasers. MBE was used for the first time with success for overgrowth of lateral structure.