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Building User-driven Solutions for Decision-Making in Manufacturing

: Mendonca, J.M.; Ribeiro, B.; Schulte, J.; Weller, R.; Santos, J.

Browne, J.; Haendler Mas, R.; Hlodversson, O.:
IT and Manufacturing Partnerships: Delivering the Promise. Proceedings of the Conference on Integration in Manufacturing
Amsterdam u.a.: IOS Press, 1996 (Advances in Design and Manufacturing 7)
ISBN: 4-274-90126-2
ISBN: 90-5199-296-3
Conference on Integration in Manufacturing <1996, Galway, Irland>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Automobilindustrie; condition monitoring; decision making; Fertigung; Fertigungsplanung; Informationsfluß; manufacturing; scheduling; Schuhindustrie; Shop floor management; Terminplanung

Competitive production of the future will rely on knowledge, information management and decision making integrating computers and humans to the manufacturing process. Within this scenario, the major objective of REAL-I-CIM is to answer market needs by providing tools allowing the fast and inexpensive implementation of a real-time interactive shop-floor management system aiming at helping companies to increase their profits and improve their competitive position by reducing operating costs and satisfying customer demands specially in terms of quality and delivery times. [...] This paper presents and discusses the novel aspects brought in by some of the RIC tools and methodologies, and puts into scope on-going implementations in the shoe and automotive industries.