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Building an integrated and enterprise-specific configuration management solution

: Gottschick, J.; Timmermann, M.

SANS III. Proceedings
ISBN: 1-880446-59-6
System Administration, Networking, and Security Conference <3, 1994, Washington/D.C.>
Fraunhofer ISST ()
configuration; distributed system; Konfiguration; Systemmanagement; Systemverwaltung; verteiltes System

The ICOMA system is intended as a flexible and open platform for configuration management. ICOMA should be able to manage your own and outside applications, no matter what size your network is or how your organization is structured. It is adaptable to the administrators personal requirements. The volume of data to be given by the administrators should be minimized. ICOMA allows you to write your own managed objects (MO), which configure your applications, with the support of development tools. It is possible to combine existing managed objects to form new compound managed objects. ICOMA supports a repository which scheme models your enterprise and whose contents are used to speed up the ICOMA system and to make it more reliable. The communication between managed objects and the ICOMA tools is handled by the configuration bus which supports wide distributed environments. The MO-Editor of the ICOMA system is a generic management tool to configure most of the managed objects. It supports configurable user dialogs. That allows the strict division of the user interface from the functionality of the managed objects. The ICOMA system can integrate and can be integrated into existing and emerging standards like SNMPv2high2 using gateways.